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The magical beauty of the mystical land of trolls!

Author: Kishenko Irina, Ukraine
Teamleader: Maxym Khomiakevych
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Can a person predict whether or not fate will lead him along the bright, unbelievable paths? In my case, it was not fate that led me along these paths, but Olya (a friend), who in May 2022 announced without question that she was going on a "hike", and not just anywhere, but to the Troll Language, whose photos excite the mind of everyone who has seen it at least once!

To say that it was a spontaneous decision, to say nothing. I have zero experience in hiking, in principle, as well as my friend, but where one doubts, two will go 😁
I started to worry and think about the whole thing long before the scheduled start in August. Lots of thoughts, lots of doubts, “will this be okay?”, “maybe 45 km is too much for me?” etc. did not add to my optimism, however.

However, we had a manager, Irina, who issued advice, instilled confidence, and was on call 24/7. I was worried about everything, from what shoes to wear to whether a rented tent would get my feet sewn on when I checked in my luggage on the connecting Oslo-Begren flight. For patience, wise advice, organized equipment rental and cheerfulness, my infinite gratitude to the wonderful manager 🧡 for his patience, wise advice, organized equipment rental and cheerfulness, tangible and at a distance.

And now I’m at the starting point….. I’m at a hotel in the center of Bergen, the group is slowly gathering, the weather is great and there is free time to walk around the center. Bergen has a lot to see and a lot to walk around, so a little time to spare if you decide to go will not be superfluous 👌
The first dinner we had started with an unexpected borscht and an unexpectedly hearty company of Ukrainians, who came from all over Europe)

Even before the start of the hike I was afraid of the 13-kilogram backpack, because I did not like to carry it since the airport, but all learn by comparison …
The comparison was not long in coming…… Not even a couple of days later we were already moving first on an asphalt path, and later on a mountain path up, bypassing boulders and rocks, going up higher and higher…. To say that it was hard for me is to brush aside the answer. Because the first time is the first to be unforgettable, but I did not expect such a bodily experience!
The weather was great, the cardio was just picking up and we were treated to majestic and amazing scenery!

Here comments and descriptions are probably unnecessary, because the beauty of Norway is known to everyone and perhaps the real happiness is when you see it with your own eyes, not through the screen 🧡
The hike lasted for three days and here we want to emphasize the peace, composure and sense of humor of our team leader. You know, 10 girls, half of them for the first time, it takes even that professionalism😁

All in all, it was fun and heartwarming, everyone braved themselves and the majestic mountains, took turns cooking breakfast-lunch and dinner, laughing at themselves and enjoying the magical beauty of the mystical troll land!

Sincere thanks to the Kuluar team for their mission, my heart goes out to everyone with whom I had to share the joy of my first experience!

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