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The Lycian Vacation

Author: Natalia Goncharova
Teamleader: Anna Kornienko
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For several years I was going to take the Lycian Trail, but all the time something did not coincide, then the dates, then the possibilities, and now finally the stars aligned)))

For several years I was going to walk the Lycian Way, but all the time something did not coincide, the dates, the possibilities, and finally the stars aligned)))
I chose Kouloir, as already walked together in Cyprus, liked everything, and the organization, and people, and the atmosphere))).
A little trouble and gathering and here’s “Hello, Turkey – pomegranate-mandarine paradise!”)) At the train station in Antalya we were met by a smiling, cheerful and positive light of Anna, our guide, which immediately set up on the right wave, and we went on one of the most exciting adventures (not a figure of speech, really have something to compare, had been visited many places).
I will not describe the route in detail, so as not to spoil those who have not been on it, I will say about his feelings, they are very multi-faceted:

1) I had a breakthrough, I have never imagined Turkey so … The atmosphere of hospitality and respect for travelers by local residents off the scale, the scenery of cedar forests, mountains, sea and cliffs are fascinating, aromas of mountain herbs remain in the memory for a long time.
2) The company with whom we traveled this route left the warmest impressions. I did not think that in 10 days you can catch the feeling that you are in a family that cares, in which everyone is important. (The art of leadership is very important here 😉 about this I will say a little later). Guys, thank you for being who you are and for being there for us!
3). The route. It was not easy for me, but that was the beauty of it. During the journey a lot of discoveries were made, including inside my own nature and consciousness, a transformation took place. All the goals I had set from the beginning fell away on their own, and I just enjoyed the road and got a lot more than I bargained for. When you go with the right people, that’s what happens 😉

This adventure would not have been the same without our guide to the world of beauty))) Anna was always there for us, her care for each participant, her attentive attitude, her help and support made the trek as comfortable, pleasant and memorable as possible. A talented leader, able to promptly resolve different situations, a professional in her field and a very sensitive person, all this is about Anna. Thanks to Kuluar for such a guide! With it, not only in a campaign, but also in scouting, you can go!) Anywhere I would have signed up)))) Huge thanks to all the team Kuluar for the organization of this incredible adventure, bow to you! We will definitely meet on the other routes!))

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