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Author: Diana Zelenina, Ukraine
Teamleader: Ihor Tsan
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It felt like I spent a week on this hike instead of 3 days. The program was very intense and cool. It was my first time backpacking to test my strength and endurance. I was afraid it would be hard.

It was hard, but it felt good at the same time. The main thing is to realize that you can do it, that you control your body, not your body control you. And now you are already walking, not thinking about the heaviness and pain, but thinking about beautiful things – how to get to the camp and eat cheese soup from Igor Tsan. By the way, I recommend you not to take your own food – it’s too much weight. There will be enough of it even for gluttonous people).
I was lucky with Igor and the group. I love it when people have a sense of humor – such moments stay in your memory for a long time and you smile every time you remember them.

One moment that I will immortalize: Descending from Hoverla. Rain, mud, slippery descent, we with sticks and in special shoes fell several times. Coming up to the forest, walking toward people (up) in ordinary sneakers, the usual tourists, asking Igor: – there, how long to go? – It’s three kilometers. -Are you going in the same way? -No, other way. It’s our third day here. Igor wasn’t joking, but now it’s the No. 1 joke in my circle

It was interesting to observe how the weather, for example, on the ascent to Petros, changed every 10 minutes: rain, sun, wind, fog, sun again… Nature communicates with you and as if trying to show all her tricks and possibilities, that she is the mistress here, not you. Your task is to consider the beauty in each phenomenon, in no case do not be upset if you see only fog from the top, because it is beautiful, mystical and unique in its own way. In our case, Hoverla was also covered in fog, but the main thing is not the destination, but the way to get there, so do not forget to look around while climbing to the summits. Breathtaking views are guaranteed.

I am glad that I had good waterproof boots and a thick poncho, it allowed not to worry about wet feet or backpack. After the Carpathians the rain is no longer perceived as an unpleasant phenomenon; you learn to accept it, enjoy it, and if it works, you feel some special unity with nature. It’s an amazing spiritual experience. But only if the boots are dry 🙂 And the mountains after the rain and during the rain…as if nature were an artist, and you’re in a museum, you can’t take your eyes off.

Mountains give you the opportunity to understand yourself, your feelings, fears and anxieties, they give you the opportunity to feel that you are alive, that you can do more than you think. At such moments, you feel everything at once. On the second night, before I went to sleep, I went over the day’s events in my head and tears flowed. From happiness. For the first time in my life, I guess.

I wish everyone the same amazing experience, with Kuluar.

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