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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. How to get to the top of Africa

Author: Olga Karetnikova, Ukraine, Kiev
Teamleader: Taras Pozdnii
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Since several friends asked me to write a report on the trip to Kilimanjaro, now that I have returned and rested, I am happy to put it all into a few thoughts and suggestions.

However, if you, like me, have never climbed above 3,600, if you immediately decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, after reading the first report about the trip, you should remember: The phrase "Kilimanjaro mountain is technologically difficult and available to everyone", which you so often come across in travel agencies and the Internet - written by alpinists for themselves. At Kili really do not need to have either special mountaineering skills, or nadskladnogo equipment. First of all, Kili is more than 6000 meters high and only 60% of those who start descending, reach the top. So, being confident in your plans, start preparing.

Gate number one - the altitude. Mountain sickness is the main reason why tourists go back. It is very important to guess something, everyone has to endure the hike individually. Of course, this is what I was most worried about. However, proper preparation, mood and acclimatization do their job.

Physical preparation, as far as I am concerned, is one of the most important stages. Going to the highest point in Africa, my man and I planned more than a year. This gave a good stock of time for training and learning information. The greatest sporting tool in trekking call running. I can not agree with this (and not because I love it). Running, especially on long distances, trains vitality and helps with proper breathing during exertion. Since I was also running up to the mountains, I just strengthened my training in the last few months by running from 5 to 15 km. And of Andrew, I had to learn to love running (as someone who tried for four years to entice the man to run, I can not not be glad about it). For him it is enough to be regular runs of 2 to 4 km. If you do not manage to run at all, there are many other kinds of cardio training, or swimming. Although physical readiness does not give a 100% guarantee of success (sometimes people of retirement age get to the summit, and well-prepared athletes get off the road by half), it greatly facilitates the trip. Fortunately, I was very easily acclimatized at altitude, and all the days before the summit assault I did not have any symptoms of mountain sickness. The hikes themselves did not seem too difficult just because I was physically ready for them.

Clothes. Another bonus of hourly planning is the ability to buy clothes on the spot. Track clothes are expensive, you should not skimp on them. Absolutely all the items in the list will be fit. From the membrane jacket-pants to a warm down jacket. We were lucky with the weather. It rained rarely and not for a long time, and at the summit it was very warm. However, it could be the opposite: the rain would pour on all the days of descending, and the storm would be met with a strong frost. Exactly three months before our start in the social media could see photos of tourists from Uhuru Peak with snow and snow. Therefore, it is better to have warm mittens and gloves with you.

Medicines. Three months before the trip we took a course of standard vitamins, plus vitamin C and AEB. In the mountains themselves from the first day the whole group took the well-known mountaineer Diacarb. In essence - the usual urine, which removes blisters, reduces the pressure in the head and helps to acclimatize. "Helps" is the key word here, because Diacarb is by no means a drug at the moment when the illness has taken over the body.

Morale. Heh... I am the last few days before the departure of a good mood, reading the negative stories about the track. Thanks to my friends, parents and my boyfriend, who helped me to calm down and get on the plane confident in myself. I wish you all the same on the summits.

A big plus Kili, pri varti, African guides. According to the laws of Tanzania, you can not go to the top without using the services of local firms and guides. Thus, Tanzanians are provided with jobs. Although the cost of a day on the mountain is quite high, African porters - really your comfort in the trip. They carry all the bags, tents, the same set up to the moment when you come to the main house, cook delicious and varied food and uzilyadbadoryuyut on the road. After the trek in Norway with 30-kgs bags on their backs and the need to break the table by yourself, I can say that on the Kiel - truly a paradise. All that remains for the tourist is just to go to the top.

Another bonus of the African mountain is nature. Unlike many other high-altitude mountains, here you will pass all four seasons in full beauty. From the mossy jungle and neumovirnoe beauty of lichai forests and mosses, which resemble paintings from "Narnia", to the alien rocky landscapes and ice-axes of Kilimanjaro.

The most important thing for you is the night of the storm. Here, the signs of the mountain sickness appear in absolutely everyone. Nostalgia, headache, weakness, backache, quick heartbeat. The assault begins at 12 o'clock. Until 5 am you will have to walk upright in the rotted povetry and exclusively in the light of the lichtrik on the forehead. For us it was very important to follow the basic African principle of Polje Polje (little by little). Our group was moving steadily at the same pace. At some point we started to be overtaken by everyone who was walking behind and I wanted to increase speed. However, over a year, we saw the first people who turned back with a not entirely healthy complexion. It is not worth it to show your strength and training at the altitude. At ease, at ease. With few hurdles and one goose, our group reached the summit in the full swing.
About 5 o'clock the sun began to shine, and so will become brighter. I personally missed the first few minutes of the summit, but before Andrew tapped me on the shoulder and did not say: "Turn around you") And then, as in a brilliant and fantastic movies, the blue sea at your feet, crimson sky over your head and the realization that you are somewhere above the wind, in some parallel world.

As the sun descends, it becomes easier and more important at the same time. More importantly, you can finally see the top of the crater, but the longer you go to it, the more distant it becomes. The last two years are just a matter of time.
Finally the crater and Stella point. We went up the route Umbwe, which in all descriptions serve as the most important, and locals call double viski. But this reputation of the Umbwa was due to its first, classic variant. Today, this route alone for the first two days, which allows you to go for a long time on your own and not to interfere with the others. It is beautiful, has short transitions, and thus more time for relaxation, as for me, and no way is not superskladny. But the biggest plus - Umbwe leads you directly to Stella Plant, which is only two kilometers to Uhuru. Other routes take tourists to the crater from the opposite side, from which to Uhuru - 5 km. Believe it or not, when after a night climbing, you literally waltz into the crater, and then you realize that another 5 km more scandibati, it becomes a powerful demotivator.

The peak. At first you try to come to you, to stay still and to understand what happened. In the meantime, you accept the wishes of everyone around you and only later, you find the strength for a photo. For the longest time I could not realize that you do not need to go to the top, the goal - this is it. And only after 20 hivilyn, photographed and went to look at the ice, I rorevilas in Andrew on the shoulder, like a little girl (crying here, by the way, often. Both women and men, is not worth it Soromis)) Emotions at the summit is difficult to describe in words. Without a doubt, the experience there will be one of the greatest emotions in your life. Probably, it's like in the song of Vysotsky:
The whole world in the palm of your hand! You're happy and you're not.
And you're only a little jealous of those
Others, whose summit is still ahead of them.

The day of assault is important because when you reach the top you must also go down. ) You have to go down in the pouring sun and the swallow under your feet, exhausted and exhausted. Sleep for a year, eat and another 6-7 years, go down to 3500m to spend the rest of the night on the mountain.

It's hard to list in one post everything we experienced during our 6 days on Kila. The only thing I should add is that you should not be unified in your dreams. No matter how many people around you twiddled their thumbs, you should just go ahead. This does not mean to reach the summit (although it is a bonus). Local people say "each has its own height" to all who set foot on the mountain. And indeed so. Mountains give extraordinary nasnaga, belief in themselves and nadikhayut. However, it is worth remembering that the value of any mountain is its own life. So, reaching the summit, do not forget that they are not always high).

P.S. Special thanks to the best Ukrainian teamleaders in the mountains - Kuluar - hiking in the mountains of the world

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