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A trip to remember and make people jealous

Author: Augustin Gatman, London, England
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Iceland is perhaps one of the destinations that many people want to visit and I had had the opportunity to do so with the help of Kuluar team and at an affordable price. I found out about Kuluar from a good friend of mine who has already been on a trip to Turkey. Needless to say, it was a good decision as it went over my expectations regarding the way it was organized and the vibes I got while enjoying the breathtaking views the nature has offered that no picture or description can express.


About 5 months prior to the trip, I started to look for and decide the equipment to get, as I barely had any items for such a voyage. It took a while to get the right items and sizes, but I managed to get everything I needed (note: I recommend to any participants to follow the instructions on what to have as to be prepared for any sort of outcome, be it nature or change of climate). To my excitement, at some point I had everything settled and all I was waiting was to fly to Iceland with my Miss and that very friend who flew from Moldova to London so we can catch the flight together to Reykjavik.

Рутина и не очень рутина

Routine and not-so-routine

First and foremost, I would like to thank the people that could take their time and make it to the trip and our guide Maksym for the smoothness of our ride, along with the help I received from Iryna before we marked our start, without whom our journey would have not been possible. It was a pleasure to wake up every morning with a different view, to enjoy a coffee before packing and leaving to a new location with different surroundings and camping sites full of obsidian, dust and wind or rain, or sun with naturally occurred open air thermal bath; and even though we sometimes had difficulties along the way due to the weather and changing landscapes, we kept together and every evening was spent with joy and laughter and we shared stories with one another.



Coming from London where it is said that the weather changes very quickly, Iceland impressed me by how much more it could beat London, switching weather from scorching hot to mist with rain and high humidity and sometimes cold breezes, even though it was July. A big shoutout again for the guide who always reminded us to use sunscreen (I did not even know one might need sunscreen when strong wind is blowing). So, make sure you take your swimsuit along with the socks and beanie your grandma gifted you 😊.  Maksym also helped me and my Mrs in particular with some aches we had during our trip, for which I am very grateful for.

Поход по Исландии


Love it.

Three meals a day and snacks in between was more than enough to keep us going, also the excitement being cooking in the nature and eating while enjoying the views. And of course, through some magic tricks, Maksym always pulled from his backpack chocolates, biscuits and sweet stuff which made me personally very happy and looking forward for the next cup of coffee.

Good times I appreciated

There is so much more we experienced together and individually, but as everyone’s perspective and view is different, you need to experience it for yourself. You will have plenty of time for introspection, time together and maybe you will have the luck to get a revelation that will change your life to better.


Being my first experience with Kuluar, I would recommend to anyone in love with the nature to book and enjoy an unforgettable experience, be it Iceland or some other place; as for me – they will be my next chosen option again.

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