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Recharged from the winter ascent of Petros

Author: Sergey Artsev, Ukraine
Teamleader: Ihor Tsan
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I chose winter hiking between climbing Petros and hiking in the Gorgans with tents. The choice of Petros is very satisfied because the winter hike with tents has higher requirements for equipment, in particular shoes.

The planning of the hike was very successful. On the first day, as always, the introduction of the group in the warehouse Kuluar, moving through the picturesque Ivano-Frankovsk and Transcarpathian regions in the village of Kvasy. From Kvasy immediately begins hike to the High Mountain Biological Station, which will be home to the group for two days. Overcast and autumn weather in the first half of the day with a rise in altitude pleased snow drifts, the sky cleared up and all enthusiastically watching the sunset of the first day of the hike. Even the best photo can not convey all the number of shades and colors of the evening sky and the energy of all the beauty of that sunset.

We reached the stationary in the dark, at the entrance we were greeted by two dogs, one of which would be our 9th participant in the ascent of Petros the next day.
After hours of trekking, all the participants were very happy to have a temporary home, to dry their things and shoes by the stove, to help with the cooking of dinner, to get acquainted and to rest.
Our guide, Ihor Tsan, is young, cheerful and at the same time experienced. Tasty and nourishing food, he helped with the equipment. For many of the group members it was their first winter ascent.

In the morning it was still dark and we didn’t want to get out of the warm sleeping bag. By the way, it should be noted that there is no need to take mats, there are beds at home, though very old. On this day Petros was waiting for us, so everybody hurried to have a good breakfast and finally put on snowshoes.
Dawn greeted us on the snow-covered mountain trails. After the fall weather in Ivano-Frankivsk, we finally got real winter and snowdrifts, where in some places you can fall through the waist.

Wonderful winter landscapes delight the eyes and relieve fatigue from the kilometers and hundreds of meters of elevation gain. I was very worried whether we would be able to climb Petros itself, because last year our group had failed to do so. My fears increased while climbing the mountain itself with the icy wind and low visibility. Now I was ashamed of my thoughts, because we were going with the ninth participant – a several-month old puppy without winter shoes and equipment, who during the stops tried to protect him from the wind and to feed him.
Finally we reached the top of Petros, the cherished mark of 2020 meters, congratulations, the tastiest sandwiches and tea.

We were in no hurry to get home, we wanted to enjoy the clean mountain air, the views and the nature of the Carpathian Mountains surprised us until sunset. There is such a variety of weather only in the mountains. Despite the fatigue and soaked shoes, we dragged the time to enjoy the power, beauty and silence of the mountains.

Thanks to God, the Carpathian nature, the guide, the group members and all the people who made the trip happen.
Petros seemed to replace my internal battery, added inspiration, strength, energy and faith that we will overcome everything and live in peace.

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