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On the East Lycian Trail in search of adventure

Author: Asiya Mamich
Teamleader: Olha Vasanova
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What are tourists looking for in the mountains? Some are tired of talking and really want silence, some are tired of sitting in a chair at the computer and need to stretch their legs, and some just like to tell their friends where they've been. And whatever the motivation for the hike, it all adds up to a quest for adventure.

My adventures began a few days before the trip, the DNA lab lost my PLR test. It was announced to me three hours before my flight. A lot of panic, not much hysteria, and a medium shot of whiskey calmed me down a bit and started looking for a solution. The hike began on the 15th, collecting at 10 am, so we had to arrive on the 14th to get some sleep and be awake to go to conquer the peaks. So, there was an option, to buy a ticket for the next day, to arrive (with a very uncomfortable flight connections) directly to the time of the gathering. Luckily there were tickets, did another test, and made it in time, but my nerves were frayed, so choose a reliable lab to save money and mood.

По Восточной Ликийской тропе в поиске приключений - фото 1

Upon arrival in Antalya, you could start enjoying your vacation. From the airport there is an excellent streetcar directly to the bus station and costs a mere penny – 12 UAH. Only need to download the application and connect your bank card. Some half an hour and I’m there.

After meeting with the group – transfer to the sea! Yes, that’s how the best adventures begin – by the sea! For me the water was cool, but many did not stop. After swimming our best guide Olga Vasanova presented us a bucket of strawberries and a bucket of chocolate. That’s just began to form the impression that it is oll inclusive.

По Восточной Ликийской тропе в поиске приключений - фото 3

Our first crossing was only four kilometers. So we could test our legs to see if they had learned how to walk after a long break. Along the way they sold freshly squeezed orange juice! It was the best I’ve ever tasted! The campsite we stopped at was a beautiful place with peacocks. It turns out that these beautiful, noble, beautiful birds, sleeping on the trees and screaming all night like crazy! I didn’t care after two sleepless nights, but the neighbors complained. Right off the bat about gear and possible disasters. Be sure to check ALL of your equipment, because it turned out that I took the tent, and the arc to it is not! They lent me my tent, but I could have slept under the stars.

From the second day on upward progress began. Slowly and surely in the direction of Tahtala. This is so far the largest mountain on which I climbed, and I’m very proud of it)). I do not know what is more difficult to go up or down. Going up-difficult, going down-difficult, in a halt chewing a sandwich-easy.

По Восточной Ликийской тропе в поиске приключений - фото 4

What magical places we passed through! Mountains in snow, turquoise water, like stone trees, ruins of ancient cities, were where you can’t tell the difference between water and sky, where moonlit landscapes and orange orchards.

And what a fun time sitting around the campfire. It was the best company of different, positive, crazy people ready for any adventure. And of course the leader – Olga Vasanova. It seems she is up to the task, and she can handle any situation. So this is what tourists are looking for in the mountains? Adventures? If so, we found them.

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