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Reloading in gorganski

Author: Tatiana Schultz, Ukraine, Dnipro
Teamleader: Ivan Kucheryavyi
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The train is slowly picking up speed, the trees are flashing through the window, and I am trying to catch my eye and keep my gaze on the branches of the pines, to continue the feeling of being on a hike, at least for a moment longer... Memories do not let me go.

They are still very much alive, tugging at the soul and warming at the same time… I want so badly to go back to the place where the sun’s rays break through the thick branches of firs and beeches, flooding the carpet of orange twigs and fallen leaves with light.
In the course of the day the relief often changes.
There are already bright green cushions underfoot. The boots softly and quickly dive into them, giving each tourist an unusual feeling. It is very interesting to tread on the surface covered with solid dense moss. On both sides of the paths are scattered flakes of fern leaves. It’s like walking in a jungle.

Next, a new level of disturbance awaits. Surface roots of century-old beeches and gorse with small stones and mud from yesterday’s rain are added. Fallen trees also show up on the trail somewhere along the way. Then we all turn into gymnasts, trying to overcome the forest barriers. We are not a small team, but we walk quietly, enjoying the crunch underfoot and birdsong in the cool Carpathian forest. The berries that stretch along our trail are inspiring. We nibble on bilberries, raspberries and blueberries as we go. It’s August, the lingonberries are not yet ripe, but starting to turn red on the slopes.
A little later we are already jumping on the giant rocks, making sure to check its unyieldingness. It seems to be everywhere. We marvel at the size and under incredible impressions step forward.

On steep climbs or descents we usually slow down, because it’s not so easy to move fast with a backpack. But every step, however small, brings us closer to our desired goal. Whether in the mountains or anywhere else.
It is here, at altitude, without communication and the comforts of civilization, that the world around us plays new colors.

The beauty that opens up around you is enchanting, surprising and empowering. Rushing rivers and turbulent waterfalls awaken and fill you with energy. After a hard day’s trekking a fire crackles in the parking lot, in the half-light the guide begins to play the drymba, and then other musical instruments made of improvised means complement the melody… The first stars appear in the sky and time seems to freeze. There’s also a delicious dinner to go with it. It can be borscht, porridge with stew or cottage cheese soup made of freshly picked porcini mushrooms. Delicious! The flavors are amazing! Fatigue goes away instantly.

Every night I fell asleep in anticipation of the next day’s adventures. For I knew for sure that there would be interesting experiences. And the new day always exceeded expectations.

Unfortunately, every journey ends, even the most incredible one. We leave a piece of our soul in the mountains. Instead of it we get new acquaintances, warm unforgettable memories, desire to live and crazy charge of vivacity.
And now the train is slowly slowing down as it approaches my station. I try not to despair that everything is over, but to rejoice that I had the opportunity to see the beautiful horizons from a bird’s-eye view and breathe the clean air among my native forests.

Many thanks to our entire team for these bright, colorful trips! Thanks to you I was able to immerse myself in the unique mountain world! In a wonderful company six days flew by very quickly, with smiles, jokes and incredible support.
Special thanks to the guide, Ivan Kucheryavy.
Your vast experience, balance and determination are immediately noticeable and give you confidence that the whole trek will be held at a high professional level. When tourists are in the mode “adventurers,” you know how to find a “stop-gap” in the high mountains, and foresee the possible danger. This is very important. After all, I understand that the mountains are sometimes harsh and there is no need to try to prove something to them. Thank you for the many invaluable tips and life lessons! Infinitely grateful for the fairy tale in which I have been. I want to remember every second of our adventure. It was a challenge to myself and a test of fortitude and endurance.
It is possible to write a lot about the incredible impressions and wonderful emotions, but any words and photos will not be enough to convey at least a small drop of my enthusiasm. You have to go and be there to feel all these bright moments. It will be hard at times, but the mountains will thank you, and all the efforts are worth it, to be among the wildlife and distract from the worries and daily routine, at least for a while. In order to continue working and dreaming with renewed vigor!
I wish the entire Kooluar team to develop and reach new heights! You make people happier! Until we meet again!

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