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Feedback on the hike: The Lycian Way hike - backpacking along the eastern part"

Author: Marina, Минск, Беларусь
Teamleader: Anna Kornienko
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The classic Lycian Trail hike on the east side was my first serious multi-day hike in the mountains.

The decision to go hiking matured for a long time, since I snowboard and every time I came to the winter mountains, I thought about trying trekking as well. I wanted to take my time to enjoy nature, take my mind off the daily grind.
In the end, I chose Turkey as an opportunity to extend the summer in November and the Couloir route on the Lycian Trail, as it is as hiking as possible and includes both mountain and sea parts of the trail.
The reality exceeded all expectations and perceptions. On the track you will enjoy scenic views, diverse nature, space forest of Lebanese cedars on Mount Tahtali, amazing sunrises and sunsets, swimming in the canyon, mountain rivers and sea, overnight stays in wild camps and campsites with pomegranate and orange orchards. And yes, November is the season of pomegranates and oranges, which means you can eat them right out of the trees. ) You’ll also find guide dogs on the trail and stray cats, who will climb into your tent and finish your soup.) And of course, the people – the hospitable Turks and other travelers – the exchange of experiences will be provided. Distract and reboot I was able to fully.
It’s worth noting that the complexity of the tour is declared as “average” and the tour is really within the power of a person with average training. At the beginning it was a little difficult (but bearable) on the rises, as unaccustomed to the load, but by the end of the hike your physical condition is pumping fast, and you can enjoy the experience, and even sing along with the guide)).
During 11 days we suffered through both scorching sun and cold nights before ascending, and pouring rain, but all difficulties were overcome if you have a great guide and a group of like-minded people! Special thanks to our guide, Anna Kornienko, for the class organization and careful attention to each participant.
Also be sure to take care of good shoes and trekking socks, as this is your comfort during the whole trip. Do not take unnecessary things, to pack a list will be more than enough.
Well my life will never be the same. It looks like I got “bitten” by a hiker and now I have new hikes in other countries in my plans! See you in the mountains!

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