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Author: Tatiana Nedolyuk, Ukraine
Teamleader: Mykyta Balabanov
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In January-February 2018, I got a very cool chance to be in Argentina and try to climb Aconcagua.

In January-February 2018 I had a very cool chance to be in Argentina and try to climb Aconcagua.
What did this expedition mean to me? It’s an unspeakable feeling when your insurance includes a ‘helicopter evacuation from over 5,000 meters. It’s an even greater shock when you look at the amount of stuff you have to pack. It’s the trepidation of choosing airline tickets and airlines when you don’t know which is better: a more reliable company, more expensive, but with the risks of cancellations and a pilot strike. Or a more budget-friendly one, but with a chance of going bankrupt. It’s meeting cool new people. It’s discovering old friends from a new side. It’s the cool jokes, the stories, the discussions about Kevin Spacey and Time and Glass. It’s the fear of your shoes flying off because you left them in the vestibule. Yes, boots) It’s boots weighing 2 to 3 pounds each, right, Natali Boiko?) It’s unusual photo shoots in shorts dresses and/or total black thermos with poser facial expressions. It’s rolling off snow slopes on karemats. It’s dancing in down jackets to Geno Dudkin. Eat 2 kg of onions in one day, and then wonder if these 2 kg were a test for the group’s intelligence. It’s crazy mountains and snow. It’s waking up to thawed ice falling on you in your tent. It’s an artist with an extraordinary life. It’s his painting to remember. It is, of course, the mystery of the orange bag! It’s the secret recipe and getting creative with the contents of the bag. It’s the delicious steaks and Malbec. These are very fond memories – the ones that will stay for years. All in all, guys, if anyone has a chance to go camping, then go: it will be fun, beautiful, challenging and definitely interesting!

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