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Feedback on the "Lycian Trail - Hike on the West Side" trail

Author: Anna Scheloleva, Kharkiv
Teamleader: Olha Vasanova
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The decision to participate in the hike was spontaneous. Outside it was February 2021, inside I felt depressed and had a number of doubts about whether it was mine at all, whether I was physically ready, and how it was to go camping with strangers, and other similar doubts for someone who had no experience of hiking.

     But I trusted my intuition and my craving for the new and unexplored took over and I signed up for the hike.

  I chose a lighter version of the hike – a hike along the Western Lycian Trail with accommodations in cabins. I called the manager of the trip – Lyudmila Lisun, received comprehensive information and great confidence in the rightness of my choice as a beginner. Using the information on the official website of Kuluar, I picked up the right trekking boots, socks, pants, backpack and windbreaker. After ordering things from partner sites got a nice bonus – a 10% discount, as well as a stash of 100 USD from each purchase, which can be used when paying for a hike.

     Also, I received support in choosing tickets and arranging insurance. All additional questions in the process of preparation were answered by the manager Lyudmila, for which I would like to thank her.

   Now about the trip itself. The team consisted of 11 people plus our guide Olga Vasanova. The group mostly consisted of young and well prepared guys. They went along the routes quickly and easily enough. For most of them it was not their first hike in their lives. I could not boast of their experience of previous expeditions, nor of their youth and sports training. So I was a little behind and it strained me a lot in the early days, I was childishly )) experienced that I was behind everyone, and I was ashamed of myself.

But I was lucky to have a wise and experienced guide – Olya Vasanova (thank you very much Olya), who helped me to understand the principles and rules of such hikes, supported me morally and gave me faith in my strength!

   It really was a miracle! I became stronger, I got my second breath, I walked at my own pace, I rejoiced, I was proud of myself, I enjoyed the beauty of nature, I enjoyed drinking water from mountain springs, on resting places I lay down on my backpack and looked at the sky with rapture! I breathed deeply and was very happy and proud of myself! And when I came down from the mountains to spend the night, I enjoyed my rest and the delicious dinner so much, and I knew that I deserved it. And I was happy again.

We were lucky with the weather it was summer warm and we were swimming and sunbathing. I really love swimming, but this time the swim after the trip was so relaxing and intoxicating that it will stay in my memory forever. I threw coins into the sea at the last anchorage near Patara. These picturesque places are worthy to be visited more than once )))).

     My conclusions: hiking is a very useful and progressive kind of vacation. I have traveled on my own, planning my future routes, renting cars and driving for miles and looking around. But that wasn’t it. I’ve always lacked good physical activity on vacation, some kind of challenge and even some kind of adventure. A hike is just that. When I returned from this hike, I already started dreaming of another one.

      My advice to newbies: a hike is not a walk, even the easiest one, so tip number one is that physical fitness is important. My mistake was hoping that my visits to the gym over the last 7 years plus the last six months of Pilates would be a head start. No light cardio for endurance is still needed. So at least from a month or two before a hike do 30 minute jogs.

     Tip number two – the right outfit: good shoes and socks, pants and shirts with short and long sleeves, proper headgear and glasses.

     Tip number three – to go hiking at least once in your life, to experience a real new experience and do not be afraid to lose, because the loser is only one who has not tried what a hike! Good luck!

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