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Feedback on the trail: "Classic Lycian Trail - hike along the eastern part"

Author: Mikhail Fedorchuk, Moldova
Teamleader: Anna Kornienko
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Hiking has become an integral part of my life - the first routes were one-day, in my country, then I discovered an excellent club Kuluar, they are probably the beginning of this addiction to hiking.

Hiking has become an integral part of my life – the first routes were one-day, in my country, then I discovered the excellent club Kuluar, it was probably with them that this addiction to hiking began.
I noticed that each time I was not enough hiking days, I want more and more! So my eye fell on the East Lycian Trail hike. Eleven days, and then I realized: – this is exactly what I was looking for! I am from Moldova myself, and this is not my first time hiking at Kuluar, so far it is for me the best club, simplicity, availability of information, preparation of tourists – all at the highest level.

Turkey is famous as one of the most interesting countries in terms of sightseeing tourism, which really attracted me. After the passage of the route was planned to write a report, so that the next group does not have to deal with the collection of information, although I think that the members of the club Couloir will be happy to help you.

Antalya greeted me a sunny warm day, how to get to the meeting point was described in detail, so that no problems! We got on a transport, and drove to the point where our route begins. The high point of the trip was the group’s swimming session; on arrival we couldn’t resist taking a dip in the sea!

One of the main moments in the hike is to get acquainted with the group, this is a ritual of the Couloir club, to make everybody acquainted and friendly, and that’s why on the first evening we introduced ourselves to each other. The group gathered very diverse! So different, in terms of professions and views on life, but it did not prevent us from becoming one friendly team!

Most of the route is mountainous, and has a lot of mountains throughout the area, for most of our route is canyon-like in nature, and in some places is a real canyon. Along the way you can find a lot of fruit: pomegranate, orange, tangerines, lemon, kiwi, well, a huge pile of everything! Even towards the end of the trek I could not get used to this surprise. Almost anywhere but the canyons you can find a place to set up a few tents, so each of our overnight stays were just unforgettable, a very big contrast and change of location. Have you ever slept in an orange orchard? No? Then here’s a chance to catch up.

But perhaps what I liked most was that each day was completely new, in every sense! They just weren’t like the previous ones, you didn’t have time to enjoy the terrain before the next day was completely different before your eyes. These emotions of what you saw on the hike cannot be conveyed in words or pictures. Everything is felt only on a moral level, it is here that you feel how amazing this world is, and how much you have not yet had time to see.
This hike was unequivocally the best closing of this year. And special kudos to the Kuluar Club, you give people not just the opportunity to see the world, but also to discover something new about themselves.

Everyone has their own goal in the hike, some go for inspiration, some in search of themselves, and some just to escape from the routine of life. Whatever your goal is, you will achieve it, I guarantee it! I hope to be back to explore the full trek (about 500km) as soon as possible. For me it was one of the best hikes I’ve ever done, I highly recommend you give it a try even if you only do part of it. It’s worth it, especially for the history, scenery, and people.

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