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We jumped in the warm waves like children

Author: Lidyaev Philip, 28, Ukraine, Zaporozhye
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Just a two-hour flight from chilly Ukraine and we're walking around ancient Istanbul in shorts. I wanted to arrive a day early to admire the beautiful oriental architecture: numerous mosques, ancient monuments, as well as works of modern architecture.


After admiring the beauties of Istanbul, I fly to Antalya, where I cannot pass by the warm and gentle sea, take a dip, swim, bathe, and only after enjoying myself, go to get acquainted with the group. One of the charms of every trip is getting to know and discovering new people, characters, personalities…. Turkey welcomed us with beautiful weather, cloudless skies, and friendly people.

в походе по Турции

After hiking, we were pleasantly surprised by the pomegranate orchard we encountered, which had so many ripe fruits that we couldn’t even dream of……

But the trail beckoned us on to new experiences that were not long in coming. The natural beauty we discovered, with never-before-seen plants and trees, delighted us with new impressions! If our experienced instructor has not paid our attention to small Chimera Lights we would rush to extinguish them with cries of “fire! And this is a phenomenon of nature, caused by the release of flammable gases on the surface of the earth. Then the trail took us to the big Chimera Fires!

Then we spent the night on the beach. A delicious dinner with a view of the moonlit bay is impossible to describe with words. And in the morning woke up the local Turkish cockerel….. The sound of the surf beckoned. Despite the fact that it was still dark, I got out of the tent and was rewarded with a fabulous sunrise: the rays of sunlight that illuminated the tops of the mountains came down smoothly on the beach.


We were greeted not only by friendly residents of the country, but also by representatives of the animal world. During our breakfast, a friendly turtle appeared “with wishes of a pleasant appetite.


One of the pleasant moments on our route was a visit to the ruins of the ancient Olympus, which we examined with the greatest interest in the history of our planet.

After admiring the beauties of Olympos, we made our way to the place of our future overnight stay. It was a young pine wood surrounded by mountains. At dawn, having climbed a nearby peak, I had a magnificent view of Mount Tahtali.


Our route along the Mediterranean coast offered us stunning views of bays, islets, coves, and grottoes……

на тропе

After an overnight stay at the old lighthouse, we continued on our way!

ночевка у маяка

Our trail, running in the mountains and along the shore, constantly gave us the medicinal aroma of pine trees growing everywhere. And with ever-increasing strength, we were on our way to the end of our impressive hike.

в пути

Throughout the trip we had the banner of Ukraine with us, waiting for our safe return.

On the last day of the trip the sea gave us a little storm, and we, saying goodbye to the sea, dived and jumped in its warm waves like children.

конец похода

Just as beautifully as this day ended, our hike ended, leaving behind the most pleasant impressions and a desire to return here……

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