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My Rota Vicentina

Author: Ludmila Nitsovich, Ukraine
Teamleader: Viktoriia Palamarchuk
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This hike was conceived during the Lycian Trail last October, last year. As the hike nears its conclusion, you realize your possibilities and you start dreaming about the next trip. Even more so, during the communication with like-minded people you get a lot of new information, and the team leader nearby, you can ask everything.

The Atlantic coast of Portugal attracts with its views, not difficult terrain, and October is the month when it is no longer so hot in this region. So I booked this tour almost a year later. In advance booking guarantees that you get exactly on these dates, because the groups are small and there may not be enough seats. I liked “Kuluar” even during the “Likiya” in terms of organization, advice and conduct of the hike.

And now about the hike itself. All my hopes were justified. I wanted to distract myself from the anxious situation at home, to stabilize my psyche a bit. Hiking is the best way to do that. No need to strain your brain to assimilate new information, as during sightseeing tours. You just need to strain a little physically and overcome the distance, admiring the views. And the nature and the ocean here is just fascinating. There were moments when you get a little away from the group and there is no one to meet you, you feel like you’re on your own, alone with the universe. A little straining the sand under your feet, but you quickly get used to it, every now and then you stop and shake it out of your shoes. My friends in the group were of different level of training, but no one complained about the complexity of the route. I hate hot weather in trekking, but here it was moderate and compensated by ocean breeze. Very picturesque Portuguese towns and villages where we stayed overnight. Friendly people, all geared up to welcome tourists, and there are plenty of them along the way. The whole world follows the Rota Vicentina – walking side by side, walking towards each other, we even crossed paths with some in the hotels.

The cuisine should be mentioned separately! You can enjoy seafood and fish to the full, and wine for connoisseurs of this drink is quite decent and inexpensive. For snacks, which we arranged our SuperVika, we enjoyed sardines, avocado, local sausage, vegetables. Often it was on the beach, where those who wished could take a swim in the ocean. There weren’t many of those, the water temperature was somewhere between 19-20°C.

The hotels where we stayed overnight were of good quality. If the rooms were cramped at times, they were made up for by the atmosphere and nice perks in the form of an on-site jacuzzi or a fun dunce, yoga area.

I love traveling in a group. It’s getting to know like-minded people, sharing useful information, heart-to-heart communication and a lot of positive emotions. So it was this time, too. In general I am lucky with good people, in numerous trips – not a single negative experience. Probably, people are united by common interests. Sometimes communication in a hike is the most important thing.

Vika Palamarchuk, who accompanied us on this trip, surrounded the group with a care that we never expected. Especially she helped me when my flight was delayed and I arrived at night. I promptly received exhaustive information on how and how to get to the hostel. I am grateful to Irina, the manager who organized the trip – everything was just as I liked it. After managers whom you encounter in the form of formal and dry work such as “wait” or “there is all written,” you no longer want to do business with them. This is all from my own experience. With “Kuluar” on the contrary – everything is just great. Even the itinerary is scheduled so that we don’t have the sun shining in our eyes during the hike. It seems like little things, but it’s important.

Thanks also for the nice gifts (buffs, bracelets, stickers, etc.), that’s important too.

Next hikes – only with “KULUAR”!

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