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Mountains are calling and I must go...

Author: Diana Zelenina
Teamleader: Natalia Shelepyuk
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This was my first hike. I had planned to go with Couloir back in April, but, unfortunately, the war interfered with my plans and the hike was put on hold. In the summer I accidentally found out that Kuluar had resumed some destinations and I decided that I could not put it off any longer and applied for the next hike in the Dolomite Alps.

I went more with the attitude: “Well, at least somewhere, because I can’t wait. But my expectations were exceeded on all points: organization, places, people, camping (the second one, where it’s warmer😄), food. The leader Natasha is a special love, she is very cheerful, keeps everything under control and is a great cook) I would love to go hiking with her again.

The company came across mega cool, each person with his own history and powerful energy. In the evenings they gathered for a dinner, chatted, laughed… We managed to walk sometimes to local cafe when the tired soul demanded beer or wine relaxation, after what we went to camp to cut a cabbage for a borsch and not only, the menu was various, but always tasty.

The only unpleasant moment was connected with weather in the first night, in the first camping. Everyone was freezing, it was 4 degrees warm. Due to the fact that I had a warm enough sleeping bag, I did not take thermal underwear, and I really regretted it. In the morning we had to warm up somehow, so I took a hot shower (showers are outside) and basically let go😄 this became my tip. The sun came out from behind the mountains at 7:30 in the morning, warmed up and from that moment you could live: coffee with some porridge and stew for breakfast, a symphony of donkey cries and mountains, mountains, mountains – it was unforgettable.

After 3 nights, we moved to a campsite in Cortina, it was lower in elevation, so it was warm, conditions were awesome – indoor showers! Beautiful grounds, but no donkeys (though not fact😄). There was a bar on the grounds, which is no small plus)

In addition to the local bars, our tradition was strudels in the refugia, for which we literally ran uphill to eat faster😄 Well, and admire the views, of course, which takes your breath away (or you would think that we only ate there)

In general, language is too poor to describe how great it was, you just have to go and live everything yourself. It is useless to describe in text the places and views of the Dolomite Alps, but their trails are definitely worth the trip. Yes, sometimes it wasn’t easy, but for all that, you want to keep going, see more and feel everything at once, feel like you’re living it.

It was definitely the best vacation format of my life and I’m really glad I decided to go. Next time I go, I’ll be sure to go with the Kuluar and thermal underwear.)

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