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My Dolomite Alps in the fall. Conquering the mountains

Author: Anastasia Kravchenko, Kiev, Ukraine
Teamleader: Natalia Shelepyuk
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Preparing and planning a trip. I have dreamed of seeing the Dolomite Alps for a long time. The mountains there are so beautiful that they have forever stuck in my heart. A big dream is to travel through the national parks of the United States. When I look at pictures of travel bloggers from there, I save myself pictures of places I want to visit that most inspire me.

With Kuluar I went to Hoverla and Lake Nesamovyte this year. I liked the organization and the way we managed to do everything on the weekend. And if you already go to the mountains, you need a guide. The company we had was good and there is an opportunity to be on a vegetarian diet, which is also nice. For vegetarians they serve meatless food, there are vegetables and some fruit. (Although I would have liked more).

So I went to the Kuluar website and looked at what program they have. I fell in love with the Alps and Madeira.) This year I chose the Alps. Next year I planned Madeira.

I had to buy extra equipment before the hike because it was cold in the Alps. This trip, along with the tickets from Ukraine and the extra equipment, came out to be expensive. I recommend that everyone who goes there take a down jacket and warm clothes. T-shirt during the day, and at night – woolen socks, fleece and thermal underwear. That’s the reality))

The manager Natalia and Irina were helpful, happy to answer all questions and encouraged not to be shy and to call more)). It was nice that they were willing to help, advise and orient. Of course, I didn’t want to stress people out, but, of course, there were questions before the trip.

By the way, Kuluar provides a 10% discount on the purchase of equipment in some travel stores. It came in handy for me.

Trip to the Alps, hike

The tour in the Alps I combined with a trip to Europe and managed to see several countries. But Italy was the most beautiful! And the mountains and lakes and Venice!
It was physically hard. A couple of days I just came in after the hike and fell into a tent from exhaustion. It was good that there was time to rest.


We stayed at the awesome Dolomiti Campground. I loved that we didn’t have to move out of it. And that we didn’t have to pack and unpack again.
The campground has a kitchen, refrigerator and stove. There’s hot water in the shower!!! Mirrors, toilets, very clean and comfortable. But what pleased our group the most was the washer and dryer. It’s cold and humid, so the dryer was very helpful.

The campground also has table tennis. We played with the guys). They also took board games, so we had a great time!!!

Conclusions and recommendations

  1. be sure to take a swimsuit to Bryce Lake regardless of the weather.
  2. Take infusions to play with.
  3. There is a store in Cartina de Ampecco. You can buy food and other things there during your vacation.
  4. Take warm clothes.
  5. It is better to have insurance, because there are dangerous areas in the mountains. Just trust me. I do not draw and then regretted. But thank God everything turned out)).
  6. Be sure to take trekking poles. Without them at all possible.
  7. If you are a vegetarian, you can take sublimates with you. They helped me out a few times.

Of the food our guide made, I liked the banoche porridge, pasta with cheese and pesto sauce, buckwheat with mushrooms and borscht. There were delicious cookies, a lunch of cheese and vegetable sandwiches. The soups are okay. The rest of the menu for vegetarians could still be refined. Because there were not enough calories and had to eat tuna. But he was of course fire)))

We liked our guide Natalia. She rested with us and did her job easily, without straining. But on luggage we wanted to unload her. A woman should not lift such weights, please take care of your where, help her somehow)
We laughed and joked a lot, there was a pleasant, companionable atmosphere in the group. I and the guys left her a tip and a card with wishes.)

I would also like to thank Kuluar for taking care of the transportation situation. When the buses were canceled, you paid for our cab for 1 day. But of course I didn’t expect to pay for a cab for 2 more days. The tour was golden as it was, I wanted to save some money.

Impressions are great, I reloaded) I wanted to spend more time in beautiful places and go a little slower.

Liked it, thank you!

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