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Maalai manpario Nepal

Author: Margarita Tyurina, 25, Moscov
Teamleader: Sergii Novikov
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Hi all, today I would like to share with you my impressions of my trek to Annapurna Base Camp in October-November 2016.

/ for a better effect of the reading you can play the track Terrakota – World Massala/.

I want to start with the fact that this is my second trip with Kuluar and obviously not the last. Their site constantly inspires and motivates me to new achievements 🙂

My story with the Himalayas began this way:

I am constantly drawn to the mountains, but for various reasons it is difficult to find something in terms of time, money and interest. Nepal for me has always been something very distant and unattainable. How could a mere mortal just go there? It turns out that anything is possible. After a spontaneous decision that I could do Nepal, I chose a suitable trek (there were different periods for every taste) and almost immediately bought the tickets, before I had time to get scared. And then it all kicked into high gear….

Before arriving in Kathmandu, I was just raving about this trip. However, packing is always exciting and you are afraid of missing something. But our guide Serezha patiently answered all my questions on facebook about the amount of wind, rain, snow and other natural phenomena before the trip. Plus Nepal has a wonderful feature – even if you forgot something at home, it can be bought on the spot and for ridiculous money! And the guide will always tell you where to get it and help you bargain for the price.

Also, for me there was the question of whether to take a porter. In the end, I realized that it is very individual. If you pack a light backpack (10-12 kg), then this burden is not terrible, if you are prepared for a small load. However, if you’re unsure of anything, a porter is really a great way to start hiking in light form. Especially the porter guys are awesome people!

Шерпы - веселые и отзывчивые парни

Thus, armed with information from Seryozha, the backpack was packed clearly, the meeting on arrival was agreed, and emotions overwhelmed.

And now, about the main thing – about the hike itself.

To say that these were some of the happiest days of my life – to say nothing. Everything came together: the country’s mentality, the inexpressible beauty of the mountains, the cheerful group, the organization. I was going alone, with no friends, and was afraid I might not get along with the group. But with each person in the group I had the impression that we knew each other for a long time! Everyone made contact easily and had a lot of fun. It would be unfair to say that everything went smoothly and there were no shortcomings. However, as a service professional, I can tell you that what matters is how the flaws are fixed. And everything was corrected on time.

If this is your first time in Nepal, expect amazing things here all the time! Kathmandu alone is worth it! I will not go into details of the sights, it should each see for himself, but certainly you will not get bored. And when the trek starts you will forget all about your life.

The track is easy enough, the main thing is to enjoy the views and get pleasure from it. However, it’s worth noting that the track has a lot of climbs and you should be prepared for this. Still, we should not forget that the hike is not a walk in the woods. But any difficulties are rewarded with amazing views. Every minute of this trek is another unique view of the mountains. You want to stay there forever.

The food is delicious and a great selection, the loggias are all nice and many with stunning views right out the window!, There is wifi but hopefully you don’t have to use it, it ruins everything. The fact that you don’t have to carry a tent with you is just a dream and a great vacation. In short, a bunch of positive emotions in the end.

At the end I want to say that almost a week has passed since my arrival, and I still can not unpack, because this will mean the end of the trip. And I do not want to put up with it….

Anyway, go for it, don’t hesitate! With Kuluar from you need only one thing – to decide, the rest will take care of the guys.

And thank you, Seryozha, for the great track, support, philosophies and just a good mood!

Overcome fear, behold wonder.

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