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It will be the most vivid experience of your life!

Author: Valeria Domashenko, Russia, Moscow
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I never thought I would go camping... I am a supporter of hotel holidays, but after studying the Internet, reviews, and all the additional information from friends, I realized that the best way to see the country from the inside is to go hiking (Iceland is famous for such holidays).

After thinking for a few hours, I sent a request to participate in the hike, it was confirmed, and, perhaps, this is where the most interesting thing began...

Equipment: I want to warn you right away that you should take everything according to the list according to the recommendations of the guys. Their experience and advices are very important. The weather in Iceland is harsh and every thing can help you in one situation or another.

While packing my backpack, I imagined how we would live there, get around, but still didn't know exactly what to expect as this is my FIRST camping experience.

Getting my backpack to the airport and campground turned out to be one of the easiest tasks on my trip. I found a gathering place almost immediately and checked into a tent (I didn't have my own, so they provided me with a tent site). Camping in Reykjavik is the most popular and convenient. On the way you will meet different places of your habitat. But every campsite will have showers (paid/free), toilets, and in one we found a sauna and a bar, which naturally delighted us.

On the first two days we get to know each other. We meet new people, find out who lives where, what they do, walk around the city and admire the insanely beautiful sunset (the colors of Iceland are just beginning to reveal themselves to us). The next day we go on a tour (a whole day) - we learn. We begin to wonder and imagine, but what's next, if you already "take your breath away" from what we saw. And then the hike - the nature and you 🙂

Colorful mountains - in the picture they look like a beautiful picture, but when you see them with your own eyes you will realize that they exist: different peaks, each interesting in its own way.

Green mountains - you see a lot of moss, different species, color, size, but a lot. It is what gives the mountains of Iceland such a variety of colors, it is insanely pleasant, you feel as if you are walking on a very soft carpet.

Forest, despite the fact that in Iceland there are no forests (in our sense), there is a place in the track, with small trees, where you can gather mushrooms for dinner and see already another nature, with fields.

Lakes, rivers - Iceland has an incredible amount of them. They are very beautiful. In each lake you can see the reflection of the mountains, the sky, the water is clear as a tear. For "walruses" there will always be a place to bask in the cool water. Rivers with very strong current, and it is easy to find them almost in every gorge. It is not terrible to cross fords, the water is cool, but everything is possible 🙂

Waterfalls - admiration, surprise, delight...

Geysers are something new. I have never seen such a natural wonder, but very entertaining, on the tour you will be told how Icelanders use this natural phenomenon.

Black Beach...let me tell you, this place is impressive...snow-white foam from the Atlantic Ocean comes to the black sand. This sight is mesmerizing and fascinating, very unusual. Looking at this landscape, you will involuntarily think about the diversity of nature of our planet, because only on such a small island you saw so many different and unusual things...

Glacier - the ice in the lagoon and on the black beach is the final stage of your hike. Serenity, tranquility and enjoyment...a little of what you see...You'll also see some cute seals there, either on the ice floes or in the water. They are curious, so you can definitely get a good look at them.

On the trek you will meet sheep, sheep, horses (they have amazing curls :)), deadlifts, sea lions, whales (optional).

The weather, on the other hand, can be completely different. At first it may rain, and the whole sky will be covered with a huge impassable cloud, in a few minutes it may clear and the sun will come out. The weather here is unpredictable, so prepare for this in advance (in terms of gear). It's just impossible to imagine Iceland with constant sunshine, it's not hers 🙂 In any weather you can see all the beautiful landscapes that we saw, and believe me, they will stay in your memory forever.

I will tell you that the track was not always easy: the backpack ... which sometimes it was hard to carry ) weather conditions, which sometimes corrected our plans ... but ... but ... but ... that's it ) All you will see, feel, remember are your impressions of this beautiful country, of what you see. You will make new friends who will become very close to you. We spent every day together, helped each other, supported each other in difficult situations, joked, talked a lot and just enjoyed ourselves.

The basic weight of the backpack will depend on how well you choose your clothing and gear. Weather - waterproof clothes on the advice of the guides and everything will be ok.

And of course, the main point in the whole hike is our guides: Igor and Taras. Their knowledge, experience and professionalism helped us to withstand all the hardships and share with them all the joy of the country they called us to. The guys did a great job, the trek showed us the most of Iceland, every day was completely new, interesting in its own way, and the food was amazing, at home I began to cook porridge more, I remembered how wonderful borscht and sprats ))))

Thanks to the guys for their interesting program, organization, help and of course for the good mood))

Your new hiker - Lera 🙂

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