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Iceland's amazing landscapes

Author: Fedorciuc Mihail, 29, Moldova
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For some people Iceland is: nature, people, animals, for me it is a state of mind. This is exactly the country where I was lured from the first days as I learned about it, I think if you're reading this review you already know why you want to visit this country.


This is not the first time I’ve been stomping around with Kuluar , I’ve been watching this program for a long time, and so over a cup of tea I suggested to my friend to go through this country. I want to tell you right away why I chose Kuluar. After each tour I am so inspired, I do not know how this mechanism in Kuluar works, but all the guides are just great, their organization, patience, willingness to always help and most importantly the ability to make friends with all members of the group.
And of course the food is hiking… but that’s another story.


After making the decision to go to Iceland we applied, the trek manager Iryna contacted us immediately, gave us all the necessary information, asked in detail about our equipment, and gave some advice on what equipment is suitable for this country.
Very polite and friendly answered all our questions about the trek, so that even a beginner will have a very easy time getting ready thanks to the manager’s advice. We bought the ticket and waited…

Iceland greeted us with light rain and wind, this weather is typical for this country, thanks to the instructions of the manager Irina it was easy to find how to get to the campsite in Reykjavik. Once there we were met by our guide Maxim with a big smile on his face, and we began to wait for the other participants. The group was not very big, only 6 people. And if someone from the group is reading this review, I want to say thank you very much everyone, you all just super, because regardless of the country, the most important thing is the company with whom you will share your emotions over the next weeks.

Поход в Исландии

I’m not going to “spoilery” and describe every day, let it remain a surprise to you, but I’ll tell you something in general and give you a couple of tips from personal experience. This is exactly the kind of place that the brain has a hard time understanding where its owner is, it’s just another dimension, yes… you may have seen something from pictures, but when your body is there and your eyes are looking at what’s around it, believe me… it’s hard to describe. I knew the weather in Iceland was capricious and rainy, but I didn’t even know how changeable the weather can be. You get up in the morning, the sun is shining, the sky is clear, you go to wash your face and it’s already raining. In just one day you can get a tan, and freeze from the cold wind, and get soaked to the skin. So it is very wisely approach the choice of equipment, do not save money, and listen to the advice of the manager, it depends on what impression it will leave this country. But even soaked to the skin, I felt over the moon. Fortunately, regardless of the weather, this country has left only positive feelings.

I really liked the program of the club itself, everything is perfectly balanced, rest, hiking and tours. So even my friends who did not go on such hikes cope without any problems, so that this program is suitable even for inexperienced beginners.

After 2 days in Reykjavik I no longer had the patience to go on the route, and so we set out on the route taking the bus to the “Landmannalugar Valley” (colored mountains). We set up camp and went out for a radial hike. What I saw surprised me so much…it’s just a photographer’s paradise, so next tip! take your camera with you, borrow one from your neighbors, friends, grandparents, it’s worth it. We stayed at campsites along the entire hiking route, these are special designated places where you can eat, wash, relax, and meet people with similar interests as you do. My advice…charge your power banks, as you will not find a way to charge your accessories on the trail, as it is wilderness and there is no electricity. Like I said in the campsites for 500 kroner you can get warm water for a shower, but only for 5 minutes. But you will have the opportunity to relax in the hot springs, and it is absolutely free.

Our next days never ceased to amaze me, the landscape changed so quickly that we were walking through snow-covered mountains in the morning, and by evening we were already sleeping on the green meadow by the lake. By the way, who did not know, in Iceland, white nights in the summer, so be prepared for that evening that you do not even that night, who has trouble sleeping, I advise you to take a mask for sleeping. Very liked the organization of our guide Maxim, even in the most extreme situations, he found a way out. The camping food is something incredible, it tastes completely different in those places! From the first day we were assigned to groups to be on duty, we helped to cook and feed the whole group! So if you’re worried about stomping around hungry…trust me, there will be enough refills for everyone. And yes, be sure to try the lamb meat, it’s just a work of art!

Iceland gave me unforgettable emotions. It was here that I managed to find tranquility, it was here that I forgot who I was, what I was doing, all the problems just disappeared, I lived only for today, and I enjoyed nature, the people around me and the peacefulness of this country. It’s the kind of country you want to explore to every hill and waterfall.

I am very grateful to Kuluar for this opportunity to visit this country, I want to thank the entire Kuluar team, our guide Maxim, and every member of the group – without you I would have never experienced these emotions.

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