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Author: Tetyana Kashulska, Ukraine
Teamleader: Viktoriia Palamarchuk
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At the end of September I ventured on my first hike. I was doubting that I would be able to pass a long route with a hint, and so I chose the Lician Trail in the huts for my first experience. The managers at the very beginning consulted me about what should be done with cooking, I prepared everything. But in spite of the recommendations, I did not take trekking poles! And really wanted to be))). Also, naturally for the first campaign, I took with them a bunch of unnecessary gear ... But that's not too bad)At the beginning of our journey we were met by a wonderful, professional, positive, funny guide Biktoriya Palamarchuk! I am just amazed at this incredible and bright person! Very interesting stories about the journey, the listening advice on the selection of equipment, recommendations on personal physical training and a lot of positive! The trip itself, despite the short duration, is very intense. We walked around the city in the pouring rain in Fethiye, visited local Ribnita Market and tasted freshly cooked fish right from the counter. We visited the beautiful Metelik Bay, flew on a paraglide from 2000 meters altitude of Badabag, We walked by the sea on the beautiful places in the Lika River, saw the real Pustelja, visited the ruins of ancient civilization Lika, had a lot of fun on the beaches with turquoise blue water, watched the beautiful sunny days! As for comfort - all places at night (the hotel) were comfortable enough, with hot water, clean bed, krosivimi species. Evening and dinner also pleased - the variety of dishes - both fish and meat and lulu kebab and freshly cooked bread with different variations of Turkish national food. Our small team "stacked" just super great! The players gathered very cheerful, satisfied, positive! I am just in awe! As for the level of complexity, the trip is really not difficult, especially if you do at least minimally sports. As for me personally, I was difficult the first 2 days - then the legs and back adapted) But I am in general from the sport and regular exercise far away) Overall, I am very pleased with the campaign! Legs were sore from the unfavorable for the "office plankton" tension, my head was filled with excitement at the positive suitability, my eyes were happy with the beautiful views and special thanks to all the guys in our group and Gordov Viktoria especially !!!!!.

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