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To the madness of the brave we sing a song

Author: Tatiana Rusinova, Russia, Saint-Petersburg.
Teamleader: Taras Pozdnii
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To the madness of the brave we sing a song. There's no other way to put it. To go hiking at an age far beyond ... with no experience and no idea of all the difficulties. For some reason I was sure that we will not be in a hurry to go from one attraction to another. And the backpack weighing about 17 kg will have a life of its own...

But... the format of the trip to Iceland turned out to be somewhat different. I will not describe the course of the young fighter and the eternal outsider. Not everyone is interested.

I will describe what is remembered and left in my heart:

  • the clean air that you can't breathe, the cold water of the mountain rivers that you can't drink;
  • the black plains with blossoming rosebuds;
  • endless lava fields covered with emerald mosses;
  • multicolored mountains and patches of white snow on the slopes;
  • the rushing rivers that sweep down, and the waterfalls that plunge from the heights;
  • the puffs of white steam gushing out of the ground and the bliss of hot springs;
  • the raging raging ocean and the clear ice on the black sand;
  • blue icebergs in the blue water of lagoons and the silvery fur of a trusting Arctic fox...
  • feeling of unity with nature, possibility to estimate simple things, which I did not attach importance to before;
  • the warmth and comfort of a tent, dry boots, the taste of hiking food.

Special thanks to the instructor from God - Taras for his care and invaluable support. Without him I wouldn't have passed this test of strength. Timely stretched out hand, a glass of hot tea, which literally revives to life, stories about travel to distract from heavy thoughts - how much more to the summit?

Thank you, Taras!

Well, and a nice feeling of pride for myself. Who's good? I am good!

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